Occupational Hygiene & Training

Long term profits are generated in environments where the well-being of all stake holders is valued.

Our Occupational Hygiene service affords our clients the opportunity to show their employees, customers and other stakeholders that they value them by ensuring that their work environment is hygienically clean, healthy and safe.    We adopt, adapt and effect protocols of best practice that ensure zero sickness and zero harm in the workplace.  As a result, productivity and well-being is maximised.

In these times of the Covid19 pandemic industrial hygiene is of critical importance. We, at Diba are skilled at minimising the risk of infection by cleaning and disinfecting your premises as well as providing resources, information and tools to maintain hygiene.


Industrial Cleaning

We clean to facilitate well-being, health and safety in your environments.  Our employees are industry-certified and trained so that you can be assured of an effective, efficient service that elicits your peace of mind.

We have the capacity to offer cleaning services in the healthcare, industrial, and educational services.   Our offering includes disinfecting services and ensuring precautionary measures required to minimise the spread of Covd19 and other viruses  – in line with the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

Pest Control & Management

We offer an integrated pest management system that includes resolving existing problems with pests as well as prevention and early detection.

Waste Management

We provide ethical, professional, clean, effective and safe ways of managing and disposing of medical waste.

DIBA Pest Control & Management
Diba Waste Management